Services for Event Organiser

We offer a number of services which can help your attending authors and readers an enjoyable and easy experience.

Book It and Send would love to help you make your signing a memorable event that will have the book world talking for all the right reasons.

These include:

Event Shipping

Book It and Send will provide readers and authors at your event with the ability to ship their books home without even leaving the venue.

On the day, we require 3 to 4 tables at the venue and access to an elevator and loading dock.

We will also need additional time after the signing to clear the venue (to be negotiated on the expected size of attendance).

Trolley Hire

For Australian-based signings, Book It and Send offer a trolley hire service at events they are attending as a shipping provider.

We do not require additional space on the day however, we require notice to bring these with us to the venue and advertise them to attendees as a preorder option for the day.

Personal Shopper

This service allows them to order directly from the author, and on the day a Book It and Send shopper collects their books, carefully wraps them, and ships them to the reader’s address.

Event organisers who wish to offer this service will need to provide additional space for the team to collate the orders (either a separate room or an additional table based on size of event and/or number of orders).

Delivery & Storage

We offer a storage and delivery service to all authors and vendors attending a book signing at which we are the official shipping partner.

We can organise collection for your books/merchandise or you can have them sent directly to our storage facilities, and we will hold them until the day of the signing. Book It and Send will then have them on your table the morning of signing, ready to unpack, without you having to lift a finger.

Book signings can also purchase this service as an additional service on behalf of their attending authors. Think of how much more relaxed your authors will be if they have not spent their morning frantically hauling boxes of books?

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How Can we Help You?

If you have any questions about any of our services, or maybe something else you have in mind, please contact our team as we would love to speak with you.

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