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At Book It and Send, our aim is to make your experience at whatever book signing you are attending the best it can be. We understand that there are many authors to see, heavy books to collect, and you need a safe and easy way to get them safely back home.

Let us help you get your books packed up safely and they will be at your home before you know it.

Event Shipping

Book It and Send will provide readers at your event with the ability to ship their books home without even leaving the venue.

This service has gone digital with readers using QR codes to streamline the process and make shipping a breeze. We provide the boxes and bubble wrap, and all they need to provide are the books.

Trolley Hire Service

For Australian-based signings, Book It and Send offer a trolley hire service at events they are attending as a shipping provider.

This allows readers to no longer have to fly their trolley around Australia or the world, but rather hire a trolley for a small fee.

It not only saves readers carrying around heavy books but frees their hand up for those impulse purchases.

We do not require additional space on the day, however, we require notice to bring these with us to the venue and advertise them to attendees as a preorder option for the day.


Personal Shopper

Book It and Send are now bringing their Personal Shoppers to book signings both within Australia and internationally.

It means those readers which cannot make it for whatever reason, no longer need to miss out.

This service allows them to order directly from the author, and on the day a Book It and Send shopper collects their books, carefully wraps them, and ships them to the reader’s address.

Event organisers who wish to offer this service will need to provide additional space for the team to collate the orders (either a separate room or an additional table based on size of event and/or number of orders).

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"I'm ecstatic and I would be lost without Arma and her FANTASTIC team!!!!!

Thank you so much to the Book It and Send family!!! I love you guys.

I also love the time and effort that you all put in to get my pretties here in perfect condition!!!"


Margaret Ball
Love on the Beach

I will use Book It and Send for all future book signing events going forward when available! My package arrived for fast to the US (shipped Sunday at event and received Thursday in US) -!: they packed my box so well. Everyone that helped my friend get the item shipped to me were so kind. They invoiced me directly and made the entire process easy! Love, LOVE your service. Thank you so much!

RARE Melbourne

Jennifer Cowles
RARE23 Melbourne

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